Matt Ricketts, co-founder and current President & Chief Experience Officer of BETTER LIFE MAIDS. Matt shares how his experience as a commercial airline pilot helped shape the systems, training, marketing, and almost every aspect of BETTER LIFE MAIDS. He shares how those systems lead to a consistently excellent product that our clients could count on. The systems all make it a great business to run, and have led to consistently strong results. BETTER LIFE MAIDS is now offering franchises and the systems that he formed will greatly accelerate a potentail franchisees oppurtunity for success. For more information click here.


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Kind Words

"With an organic farming non-profit based from my home, my house gets a lot of (dirty) foot traffic. Even with trying to maintain a shoe-free household, the dust and dirt had gotten out of hand. After devoting a morning to de-cluttering and organizing the house, 3 Better Life Maids came in and in an hour and a half transformed my house into the clean haven and headquarters I wanted. They worked quickly, quietly, and with very sweet and kind demeanors. Thank you!"

-- Molly R.

BETTER LIFE MAIDS is a professional green house cleaning and maid service founded in St. Louis, MO. BETTER LIFE MAIDS is offering franchise opportunities in select markets. Copyright 2014 BETTER LIFE MAIDS ©. All rights reserved.